Lyft’s New Driver Referral Program – December 2017 Update

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For those of you who didn't know, Lyft has a new Driver Referral Program that is helping new drivers make their bonus money faster and without burning themselves out.

Keep reading to learn how this new program compares to the old program and how it can help you as both a new driver and as a referral going forward!

Lyft's New Driver Referral Program December 2017 Update | Uber Driver Referral

Lyft's Old Referral Program VS Lyft's New Referral Program

Lyft used to reward new drivers a lump sum bonus after they completed a certain number of rides within a set amount of time, however, over the past year, they have begun to phase this out and now pay new drivers a smaller, per ride bonus.

This basically means that instead of getting your bonus money all at once, you get a little bit at a time.

For example, the current San Diego Lyft Driver Referral Bonus is $160. This means for every ride you do, you'll get $1.78 extra, up to $160. 

Lyft Driver Referral Bonus | Per Ride| San Diego December 2017 | Uber Driver Referral

I personally think this is actually pretty awesome for the new driver, because you won't have to wait 1-3 months to receive your bonus.

Why Lyft Changed the Structure of Their Referral Program

Lyft has realized that a lot of drivers were burning themselves out trying to hit a set number of rides within their first 30-90 days, which was causing them to swear off driving all together. 

In addition, many drivers were only driving part-time, so the old referral program was a bit unfair to them. They simply didn't have the time to reach that amount of rides within that set amount of time, which meant they didn't get to receive any kind of bonus at all. :/

Lyft's new program sets new drivers up for success, it incentivizes them to stay on the road and keep driving, and it incentivizes drivers to refer other drivers with their referral code because they are much more likely to earn some money from it.

How the New Driver Bonus Works as a Referral

If you refer someone to drive using your own referral code, you'll also receive a small payout for each ride the new driver completes each week.

With the old program, you might work hard to help someone get signed up through your referral code, but if they aren't able to complete the amount of trips they have to do within the set amount of time, you also won't receive any kind of bonus. Not a great incentive to refer other drivers, if you ask me!

With Lyft's new program, however, I have personally experienced a lot more successful sign-ups and the bonuses that have come with it, so I'm definitely liking it!

Lyft Driver Requirements

  1. You need to be 21 years old and have had a driver’s license for at least 1 year. (In some cities, you may need an in-state license.)
  2. You must be able to pass a criminal background check.
  3. You must be able to pass a DMV check.
  4. Your car must meet Lyft's vehicle requirements.
  5. You must have a current driver's license, license plates and insurance.
  6. You must have in-state personal auto insurance and be listed as a driver on the policy for the vehicle you will be using. It's recommended that you supplement or replace your personal insurance with rideshare insurance coverage, however, you don’t need this coverage to be approved to drive for Lyft.
  7. Your phone should meet Lyft's phone software and recommendations.

To be eligible for the Lyft sign up bonus, you will need to enter a referral code (mine is TARA666) when you apply.

Unfortunately, Lyft does not allow retroactive driver referral code bonuses.

For more details on Lyft's Driver Requirements, click here.

Ready to Sign Up for Lyft?

If you click on the button above, the referral code will be applied automatically, but to be sure you can check the URL of your browser.

It should say:

Lyft's New Driver Referral Program December 2017 Update | Uber Driver Referral

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